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Advertising revenue of the audio and audiovisual media on the road to recovery in Germany

  • Revenue volume of the entire industry up again in 2021 and 2022
  • Radio and TV advertising still below the pre-pandemic level
  • Growth driven by streaming advertising

Berlin, 19 May 2022

VAUNET (German Media Association) expects advertising revenue in the audio and audiovisual media in Germany in 2022 to rise by about 4.2 per cent to a total of €6.54 billion (up from €6.26 billion in 2021). The television sector looks set to record a small increase in turnover of 1 per cent to €4.38 billion while revenue in the radio sector will likely remain stable at around €707 million. Despite the recovery of the industry as a whole, turnover in TV advertising will still remain slightly below 2019, with advertising revenue in radio significantly below this benchmark. The overall positive development is mainly driven by revenue in streaming services, with double-digit growth expected again this year. These figures were released today by VAUNET in its spring forecast for the development of the advertising market in 2022, which was published in connection with the annual Advertising Plenum conference hosted by the ZAW German Advertising Federation.

Claus Grewenig, Chairman of the Management Board at VAUNET: “Despite all the imponderables, we’re generally optimistic about the current development of the advertising market. Commercial broadcasters make a considerable contribution to safeguarding democracy and diversity, and are largely refinanced by advertising. Refinancing freedom – i.e. the rejection of further restrictions on advertising – is thus vital if the pluralism of commercial media in Germany is to be safeguarded.”

Frank Giersberg, Managing Director at VAUNET: “People are spending more time than ever using audiovisual media. Accordingly, advertising in audiovisual media is also becoming increasingly important for advertisers. And it makes a hugely important contribution to restarting the economy after the crisis. This applies to radio and television advertising as well as – albeit at a lower level – to video and audio streaming advertising."

Advertising revenues in 2021 in Germany

In 2021, TV advertising enjoyed 8.2 per cent growth in revenue, while radio advertising declined by 0.9 per cent. Streaming advertising revenues soared by 29.2 per cent for audio and 29.8 per cent for video. In particular, the strong growth in streaming meant that in 2021, the second year of the pandemic, advertising revenues in the audiovisual media as a whole exceeded the pre-crisis level, rising by 10.7 per cent on the previous year to reach €6.28 billion.

Forecast for audiovisual advertising in 2022 in Germany

According to VAUNET’s forecast, TV and video advertising revenues are expected to rise to a total of €5.74 billion in Germany in 2022 (2021: €5.49 billion). This equates to growth of some €250 million or 4.6 per cent (2021: 12.1 per cent). Of this, TV advertising is set to grow by around 1.0 per cent (2021: +8.2 per cent) to €4.38 billion (2021: €4.34 billion). Even so, TV advertising revenue is still slightly below the pre-crisis level of 2019 (€4.40 billion). Regarding net advertising revenues from advertising in audiovisual streaming, VAUNET expects additional growth of around 18 per cent in 2022 (2021: +29.8 per cent), reaching about €1.35 billion (2021: €1.15 billion).

Forecast for audio advertising in 2022 in Germany

VAUNET expects advertising revenue in audio services to increase by €13 million or roughly 1.6 per cent to €803 million in 2022 (2021: €791 million). For radio, VAUNET expects advertising in 2022 to remain stable, repeating the previous year’s level of around €707 million. This means that radio is still significantly below the pre-crisis level of 2019, when advertising revenue reached €784 million. For advertising in audio streaming, VAUNET predicts net advertising revenues to rise this year by around 15 per cent (2021: +29.2 per cent), reaching €97 million (2021: €84 million).

About VAUNET’s spring forecast

VAUNET’s figures published today supplement the official advertising statistics for Germany of the ZAW German Advertising Federation, which are based on figures such as the revenue records collected annually by VAUNET. The VAUNET spring forecast for the advertising market in 2022 is based on company surveys and interviews with industry experts.

Download of the VAUNET spring forecast for the advertising market in 2022 (in German)


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